DO-178C, Level A Certification Artifacts For ARLX

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The Genesys Ideation ARLX hypervisor was developed using the highest level of FAA flight certification design assurance methodologies, DO-178C Level A. The results of the mock stages of involvement (SOI) are available for purchase with the ARLX hypervisor. The DO-178C artifacts for ARLX have been reviewed by one of the top FAA designated engineering representatives (DER) in the country. We have delivered the artifacts from our development to the US Navy.

DornerWorks’ engineers specialize in safety critical, embedded engineering systems. We have years of experience developing and certifying system in the aviation, automotive, and medical markets.

In addition to our ARLX hypervisor and suite of software tools, we provide critical engineering services for your project. Contact us if you need help on your current or future embedded software and hardware project.

You Get:

  • All the certification artifacts for ARLX
  • Reports from the DER
  • Software requirements data
  • Design description
  • Software verification results
  • Problem reports
  • Software configuration management records
  • Software quality assurance records
  • Trace matrix

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    ARLX I/O Guard

    The Genesys Ideation I/O Guard is an application that runs on any partition on the ARLX hypervisor. The I/O Guard examines all incoming communications for any suspicious activity. It prevents buffer-overflows and other similar attacks.

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