Harrier-F VDK now available

Genesys Ideation Harrier-F Video Development Kit (VDK) is a multiple camera daughter card solution for the Altera developer’s kits, targeting Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) development in the automotive industry.  Automotive industry trends suggest a need for multiple cameras in a vehicle to assist the driver with safety related features.

Developed by our design services partner DornerWorks, this solution fills an industry gap for development platforms suitable to meet the needs of managing muliple high definition video streams, mating the capabilities of Altera FPGA’s with an array of high-quality imagers.  DornerWorks has a history of designing video related products, a wealth of safety critical design experience in multiple industries, and a convenient location for the automotive industry.

About Genesys Ideation

Genesys Ideation is Dornerworks’ subsidiary for products.  Genesys Ideation will market the ARLX product line.  For more information, visit