DornerWorks Wins SBIR Phase II award from DARPA

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has awarded DornerWorks a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase II base contract for continued study for the development of a space-qualified hypervisor that will support the virtualization of satellite payloads.

ARINC 653 Real-Time Linux on Xen (ARLX) is an open-source, safe and secure, embedded hypervisor that DornerWorks developed by extending the Xen open source hypervisor.  DornerWorks funded the initial project work with internal research and development funding. Further development followed with the award of multiple US Navy SBIR contracts. The evolution of ARLX into a serious open-source alternative to safety critical systems continues with additional development and research funding made possible by the DARPA SBIR. This award provides further opportunities to showcase the innovation and flexibility of ARLX by expanding its use on a different hardware platform and running on a space-based system.

DARPA has been the leader in encouraging fundamental research in both large and small companies, resulting in many technological improvements throughout the years. From the creation of the Internet to stealth technology, DARPA’s mission focus has been to maintain the technological superiority of the US military by sponsoring high-risk, high-payoff research. DornerWorks is proud to be part of that mission with this SBIR.

Principal investigator for the contract, Andrew Santangelo, Chief Technical Officer of sci_Zone, had this to say about the project, “sci_Zone is excited to work with DornerWorks – a partnership bringing the best elements of both companies together. The integration of DornerWorks’ hypervisor tools with the QuickSAT environment will lead to a more secure and reliable software environment for vehicles in space.”

About DornerWorks

DornerWorks is a premier electronic and software engineering firm specializing in the design of safety-critical systems for the medical, aerospace, automotive, and industrial markets. The company focuses on custom development of electronics hardware (printed circuit boards and FPGA computer chips) and embedded software such as device drivers and operating system interfaces. Founded in 2000 by David K. Dorner, DornerWorks has grown into one of the most sought after embedded engineering firms in the country. With an impressive staff of over 50 that includes PhD’s, patent holders, multi-degreed engineers, and a Six Sigma Black Belt, DornerWorks has the talent and experience to tackle the most demanding projects. DornerWorks is an ISO 13485, AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified company. For more information, visit