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    i.MX6 SoloX SOM

    DornerWorks’ SoloX SOM is a feature rich, cost effective system on module solution featuring a highly integrated heterogenous processor, NXP’s iMX 6 Solo X.

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    ARLX I/O Guard

    The Genesys Ideation I/O Guard is an application that runs on any partition on the ARLX hypervisor. The I/O Guard examines all incoming communications for any suspicious activity. It prevents buffer-overflows and other similar attacks.

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    CAN Driver for Xen Hypervisor

    DornerWorks has developed an open-source CAN driver for Linux on Xen. The driver is royalty free. Contact us for information on how we can help make your CAN project a success. For information on a release date please contact us at

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    DO-178C, Level A Certification Artifacts For ARLX

    In addition to our ARLX hypervisor and suite of software tools, we provide critical engineering services for your project. Contact us if you need help on your current or future embedded software and hardware project.

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    TracTool – Requirements traceability tool

    The Genesys Ideation TracTool is the perfect alternative to currently expensive and complex requirements traceability tools. TracTool can be used with teams co-located in the same building or spread across various locations.



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