TracTool – Requirements traceability tool

The Genesys Ideation TracTool is the perfect alternative to currently expensive and complex requirements traceability tools. TracTool can be used with teams co-located in the same building or spread across various locations.

TracTool is part of our ARLX suite of tools, but can also be purchased for use without ARLX or any of our other products. It is a stand alone product that can be used instead of existing requirements traceability tools or in compliment with your existing requirements traceability process. TracTool can parse requirements from sources such as plain text files, Microsoft Word, and Excel documents. TracTool allows you to continue using those sources to track requirements, unlike some of the more popular requirements traceability tools that claim you can  continue using the tools that work best for you, but end up importing the data and then forcing you to use their format.



  • Web based interface
  • Distributed (not centralized)
  • High performance
  • Works with many common artifact formats
  • Cost for the software license is per seat.


System Requirements

  • Any OS capable of running a modern web browser
  • IE 10 and above, Chrome, Firefox, Safari


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