Xen 4.4 Arrives with ARINC 653 cpupool Support

Patches for ARINC 653 cpupool support have been in upstream Xen for several months, but with the release of Xen 4.4, Genesys Ideation’s implementation of the arinc653 scheduler in Xen now has support for Xen’s cpupools. The cpupool feature in Xen provides the ability to create an isolated collection of cpus that can have their own scheduler. Adding the arinc653 scheduler to the mix allows for some interesting possibilities. For example, one could:

  • Run real-time domains in an arinc653 cpupool, while running non-realtime domains in a credit cpupool.
  • When running a security application, migrate the domain to an arinc653 pool to reduce the timing information leaked through the timing side-channel. When the security application has finished, migrate the domain to a different cpupool.

Since multicore support for the arinc653 scheduler has not been upstreamed, in order for all cpus to be available for usage in cpupools, it is recommended that the system be booted using one of the other schedulers and the arinc653 pool created after the system is running.

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