The Genesys Ideation Way

Businessteam at a meeting

Genesys Ideation is a product development company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of DornerWorks. The same engineers who work in DornerWorks’ award winning embedded services organization share their time with Genesys Ideation.

At Genesys Ideation, we use the skills and experiences we’ve gained working on products for other companies and apply the same quality disciplined approach to developing new products and ideas. We create products that solve our problems and our customer’s.

From video hardware to embedded hypervisors, we focus our design and engineering of products that make good economic and engineering sense. You won’t find products described with the latest buzzwords or consumer focused products. Our products serve safety critical markets and hardware that move on our nation’s highways, airways, and anywhere else where your safety is critical.

Our team is customer focused and product driven. Our proven process driven engineering results in products that give you the confidence that safety and security have been built in from the ground up.

“Great ideas begin here.”

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    ARLX Hypervisor

    The ARLX Hypervisor is a platform-enabling technology that allows your applications to run with strict partitioning, functional safety, and security from attacks.