ARLX Hypervisor


Safe and Secure Partitioning.

The ARLX Hypervisor is a platform-enabling technology that allows your applications to run with strict partitioning, functional safety, and security from attacks.  Download our ARLX Hypervisor data sheet here.

ARLX Hypervisor. Safe and Secure. Freedom and confidence for what you do.

 lowerswap  lowercost  lowercomplexity

Reduced SWaP

Reduced costs

Reduced complexity

When size, weight, and power (SWaP) are issues in your design, ARLX provides a unique path to meeting these goals. Our certification artifacts provide a head-start for certifying your system for flight or marketability for safety and security applications. Consolidating hardware resources on a common computing platform reduces the need to maintain legacy systems.

Xen-based hypervisor, ARINC 653 extensions

ARLX has both security and safety in one product.

  • Based on open-source Xen hypervisor technology, a type 1 hypervisor running directly on the hardware
  • Strict ARINC 653 partitioning, with privileged partitions for initialization and configuration, health monitoring, and I/O control
  • Your applications run unchanged in protected guest partitions
  • Linux and microOS currently supported in guest partitions; future support for VxWorks, Windows, and more
  • Support for controlled I/O sharing with RS-232/422/485, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, ARINC 664p7, CAN, and more
  • Supports open industry standards including ARINC 653, POSIX, VICTORY, and FACE
  • Safety assurance: DO-178C, IEC 62304, ISO 26262 certification packages at the highest levels of design assurance and safety integrity
  • Security assurance: MILS EAL conformance using formal methods
  • Support tools available include: Traceability analyzer, Difference Impact analyzer, System Configurator, and more
  • Available for x86 and ARM targets
  • Demonstration available for PC on a USB flash drive
  • Engineering support services available from DornerWorks

Target Applications and Uses

ARLX Hypervisor is suitable for your safety-critical or high-security product.

casestudy-aeroAerospace & Defense

Current ARINC 653 operating system choices are proprietary and costly, leading to a slower pace of innovation and high development costs. DornerWorks developed the ARLX Hypervisor in response to this barrier to entry. ARLX is a suite of tools, including a hypervisor, which gives the embedded engineer the flexibility of open source licensing combined with high levels of safety and security.

When size, weight, and power (SWaP) are issues in designs, the ARLX hypervisor provides a unique path of meeting these goals by giving the embedded engineer the freedom of open source licensing and the ability to use open source or commercial guest operating systems.  The technology is developed for conformance with next-generation architectures such as VICTORY and FACE.


As computers in automobiles become more powerful, many computing platforms can be reduced to some or even one computing platform. Today’s hardware is powerful enough to control vital functions of the automobile and at the same time run internet capable applications and other multi-media functions.

The ARLX Hypervisor provides a software platform that allows you to run multiple operating systems (and applications) on one computing platform, separated and protected in space and time. By using the ARLX Hypervisor, you can ensure reliability, security, and safety through proven separation of vital and non-vital functionality. ARLX decreases the costs and risks of migration to a new computing platforms and consolidation of older computing platforms.

casestudy-medMedical Devices

Operating room display systems are growing ever more complex, needing to show not only critical live video for a surgeon, but also graphs showing patient vital signs.  Educational hospitals may also show such video feeds to students and residents learning the craft from the teaching surgeon.

The ARLX Hypervisor provide a way to separately and safely run all of these applications on the same computing hardware, protected in memory space and computational power.  By using the ARLX Hypervisor, you can ensure reliability, security, and safety through proven separation of vital and non-vital functionality.  And provide the FDA with the key documentation for your Design History File to demonstrate that the risk to the patient and to the surgeon is appropriately controlled.

casestudy-devsOther industries

The partitioning, safety, and security offered by the ARLX Hypervisor is applicable to other industries as well, including Energy, Rugged Industrial, Embedded Security, and even mobile applications.

In each case, our hypervisor decreases the cost and risk of certifying applications migrated to a new platform, because we’ve already done some of the hard work to reach certification, and because DornerWorks is available to help you customize the system to meet your specific platform needs.

ARLX Hypervisor. Safe and Secure.

Freedom and confidence for what you do.